1. March 7, 2010

    China Slows Defense Spending Amidst Calls For Transparency

    pla-transparency China's smaller than expected military budget for 2010 is meant to calm international concerns of a rising, belligerent PRC. Is it going to work? No. But why?
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  2. March 6, 2010

    Translation: A Critique of Premier Wen Jiabao

    Chinese premier Wen Jiabao. An English translation of Chinese writer and blogger Dr. Yang Hengjun's criticisms of China Premier Wen Jiabao's latest "internet chat" with Chinese netizens.
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  3. March 5, 2010

    Agitated Americans & Gratified Chinese, Get Real

    American national flag with a Chinese communist star on it, from the Red Dawn remake. A China Daily news article puts things in perspective, hoping to calm Americans who fear the 21st century will be China's, and the Chinese who think likewise.
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  4. How to be a Good Corrupt Official

    Probably in response to this craziness, worker and blogger Wan Xiaodao has written a list of rules for corrupt officials….more »

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  5. March 4, 2010

    Corruption, Diaries, and the Sex Tape Excuse

    This story has been burning up the Intertubes for a few days now: The diary of a local tobacco official…more »

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  6. Chasing the China Model: A Look at Executive Pay Limits

    Panda running on treadmill. Should China be the model for developing countries? Discussion must be based on a realistic understanding of how China works, not romantic myths of authoritarianism.
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  7. March 3, 2010

    Moral Absolutes Across Cultural & Socio-Economic Differences

    Evil China, Go to Hell! sign in Taiwan. There are no moral absolutes, only what we take for granted based upon our cultural and socio-economic background, which isn't exactly shared by the Chinese.
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  8. March 2, 2010

    Pornography Should be Legal in China

    Shoushou car model. An analysis of China's porn crackdown: a discussion of porn's effects on society and the advantages of supporting a government-regulated pornographic industry.
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  9. March 1, 2010

    Goat Meat, Loose Women, and the Imperfect China Dialogue

    Chinglish sign: "You're Polite People please wait here! Don't go until the Green light on!" Views of, and from, China are fraught with misunderstandings, but neither harsh critics nor apologists facilitate constructive dialogue.
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